Roll the deshgram by manipulation on axes to unravel pictures. Try to make as few manipulations as possible.


  • If using mouse press on any axis and release on any other axis (including this same axis) to make a move.
  • If using touchscreen tap on any axis and tap on any other axis to make a move or press on axis and drag outside of it to cancel selection.


  • Deshgram is a visualization of a defined multidimensional coordinate system. In this game you will be able to interact with 4D - 10D binary coordinate systems.
  • Also there are 22 pixel-art pictures to unravel. Pictures are from various artists I found on DeviantArt. You will see the source links after you unravel each picture.
  • When no more pictures left to unravel you get endless generated levels as a bonus.


Desh- comes from French or Russian pronunciation of decipher and -gram means drawn or written.

Here is a video demo of an early prototype

Need your feedback

This is an open source (github) experimental game. Feel free to submit your ideas and suggestions.

Development log

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